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Dear Customer,

MYSTIC International” is one of the quality suppliers of "Meaningful & esoteric Gifts”. We offer approximately 2000 items, to reach various spiritual and meaningful worlds. We wish to inspire and unify people regardless of race, religion and we also wish to promote well being and encourage to simply connecting with Mother Nature. What makes us unique is that we are constantly seeking for improvement in design research and novelties around the world to bring unique "Meaningful Gifts" to you.


If you are just starting up your journey with us, we welcome you with open arms and hands full of treasures to share! Be sure we will always do our best to make your experience with us as pleasant and profitable as can be. Our Customer service staff is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have with your orders or other matters. They strive to offer you the best service possible. MYSTIC'S Mission has always been to provide "Meaningful Gifts" that stimulates consciousness, inspires beauty and creates harmony, as well as, supporting humane and environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices whenever possible. The MYSTIC Internationals family is very grateful for your business, we consider you to be our valued "business partners". Your support is a major reason for our success.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!




  • Right now we are exporting our products to the countries in Europe, Americas, and Asian Countries and all over world.
  • We are manufacturing in brass metal which is lead,nickel and cadmium free.

  • MYSTIC International prides itself on its responsibility to and concern for its customers and their guests, and for its adherence to laws and regulations that pertain to its products
  • MYSTIC International strives to keep lead limits in its jewelry as low as possible, often meeting the very strict requirements of the CPSIA, even though the company’s products, mainly adult jewelry products, are not subject to these strict requirements.

  • MYSTIC International also maintains a testing program for nickel (Ni) to ensure that products do not contain high levels of it. By doing so, those who are sensitive to nickel are not exposed to it through ear piercings or skin contact. Nickel is unregulated in jewelry in some other country; nevertheless, MYSTIC International program was developed to ensure the comfort and safety of its customers.

  • In early 2010, the company began to carefully monitor the CPSC, any pending Federal legislation, and activities in the fashion jewelry industry by its retail customers and by the Fashion Jewelry Trade Association to remain apprised of what regulated limit would be defined. After several months of discussion and review, it was apparent that no set regulations were forthcoming.

  • In June 2010, MYSTIC International took the initiative to develop its own internal cadmium limits and test methods to be followed until rules or regulations could be developed. Beginning in 2010, the company expanded its testing and certification program for heavy metals to include limits for cadmium.

  • Since that time, all MYSTIC International production has been monitored and tested to meet lead levels that are often much stricter than the requirements of CA AB1681/AB2901 (Prop 65 Consent Agreement for Jewelry), to meet cadmium levels that are stricter than those being considered by ongoing California Prop 65 agreements for cadmium in jewelry, and to meet requirements for nickel release that match the requirements of the UK Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Nickel Safety) Regulations, tested to BS EN 1811 and BS EN 12472.

  • The amount of total lead, total cadmium, and nickel release is not regulated for adult jewelry in the USA, although limits for lead in jewelry have been set based on the CA Prop 65 Consent Agreement for Jewelry. In spite of this lack of regulation, MYSTIC International feels strongly that it is in the best interest of customers and their guests that they receive products that are proven to be safe and are within acceptable limits for heavy metals. MYSTIC International commitment to this is illustrated by its reasonable testing program that includes communication with and monitoring of supplier factories by Global Personnel, regular testing by internationally recognized independent labs, and regular in-house testing by XRF analysis and AAS wet chemistry to maintain these strict standards for product safety.

  • What do we mean by describe like 'lead, cadmium and nickel free'?

    A.Lead, cadmium and nickel's content in jewelry article is meet the EU standards and CA Prop 65

       B.These jewelry do not bring any harm to your skin, you can feel free to wear them
  • The company’s testing program continues with each new product that is developed.
  • if you feel any photo or image or picture like any copyright item please inform us before to take any legal action, please inform us 48 hours ago so we can immediate remove from our website. we don't want to hurt any company it may be upload by misteak.
  •   Also we can provide third party SGS inspection as per your choice.

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